List of Project Deliverables

I offer all the essential graphic design and visual services you'll need to successfully start or continue to grow a business. These services are sure to boost your brand recognition and sales through the use of effective and creative marketing stratigies.

Logo/ Branding

A company or brand’s logo (be it a wordmark, symbol, or both) is the first visual association the public has with a brand. Consistent use of the mark across all on- and offline marketing materials creates brand recognition and helps generate repeat business, increase sales, and build a loyal following among your audience.

Business Cards

A clean business card is an absolute must for any company, this is the last remaining strong hold for todays business stationary package.

Apparel Design & Production Development

From start to finish I will see your project makes it to the production stage store ready. All the way from designing the actual graphic, developing the tech packs, over seeing the sample phase to production. Believe me when I say Apparel design is my specialty, from basic screen print tees, headwear, accessories and even cut and sew. I love designing apparel as it has continued to be a favorite staple in my business endevors.

Website Design & Development

Yes, I do offer web site design and development. Should a client require the design/development of a website be extreemly intricate it’s likely that a third party will be brought on board. Alternatively, web specialist recommendations can be made.

Social Media

Not to be tossed aside as unimportant, social media is free advertising and should be used to it's full potential. From your icon image to banners on your Facebook profile, a professional graphic goes a long way.

Collateral - Web & Print

Print collateral could be a brochure, CD design, a flyer, or a menu etc. Web collateral could be a web banner, a email signature, or an animated gif etc. Collateral be it print or web is whatever communicates the right message at the right time to a customer.


A store-front window display, sale banners, a billboard, from 2ft to 20ft tall, wherever it appears, signage will communicate the needed message in a creative and effective manner.

Promotional Design

Basically, anything to be given out or left behind to promote your company. This could be pens with your information, sticky notes, or even a custom flashdrive.

UX/UI Design

Creating a consumer friendly layout for digital applications, as well as designing the needed elements for said application.